The following audio is found on the Krishna Book dictation tapes. It was deleted from the original Krishna book and edited to hide the fact that the lives of the subhumans of our modern world, are not equal to the lives of cows.

To my knowledge this audio never appeared in any of the later edited Krishna Books.


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Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

13 Replies to “COWS LIVES MATTER MORE THAN THE LIVES OF SUBHUMANS Say the Deleted Words Of Prabhupada

  1. people are not acting “normal” anymore, human nature is now becoming a demon(iac) nature: sex, drugs and rock and roll…the cow must become our best animal friend in this process of reviving our God consciousness…
    i have read that Prabhupada taught devotees to drink milk “sipping hot”—so hot you have to sip it.
    He said that cold milk loses its nutritional value.

    winter is coming and boiled milk alleviates mucus, so people have their medicine in their house already:)
    thank you mukunda for this deleted words!

      1. When I was a young child living in Italy in the mountains we had fresh milk straight from our dear friend, our cow. I still remember drinking it very hot during the winters for breakfast.
        Hare Krishna!

    1. The demons are running amok and I’m not being metaphorical; most of these people acting crazy, and in countless ways, violence being the most censored, are dealing with parasitic infections.

      Literally, ‘demonic’ invasions; our African brothers and sisters, along with their “Jewish” cousins, seem most vulnerable; here in Cal/USA a Jewish lesbian couple adopted 5 beautiful African children, tortured them, starved them and then drove them off a cliff killing everyone, including themselves.

      This act, replete with all the requisite ritual symbols and numbers, was blogged here:

      Also, Prabupad was killed by the same cult based on not only the MO, but the numbers; watch for a page that will be put up shortly; another righteous KRSHNA follower too was likely ritually murdered. I need his birth name and date, along with his murder or ‘stroke’ or heart attack; they are killing people with the “Mars” serpents. (Bad spirits, also called the “Silent dagger”.

    1. Hare Krishna Tim, over 30 years ago i started chanting Hare Krishna and reading Prabhupada’s books shortly after i became totally vegetarian or more clearly and eater of foods offer to Krishna. I never went back because i had a change of consciousness through association with the Lord and the pure devotee. If it worked for me and many many others it will work for you too Tim. I can also help with supplying you links to cook books etc. so you never will miss meat as you will have the higher taste and higher consciousness. Love Mukunda dasa.

      1. My Brother: firstly, I absolutely love and appreciate, the way you stick up for our Lord, our Christ!

        Secondly, there are few that have more of my respect than your leader Prabupada and there’s no doubt in my mind he was, and will forever be, a Saint of the highest order.

        As I’ve been blessed with the time to study Western and Eastern philosophy there are things God has helped me to see that you too might appreciate; I’m sure the reverse too is likely.
        (Fair warning, as with my Christian brothers and sisters, some might not sit well, but all is good regardless and trust me when I say things are moving along as they should!)

        Are you in London and do you have Skype? If so I’d love to do a Skype call with you!

        Always with Love,

      2. I too stumbled into the “Christ Conscience”, not by meditation or by chanting, but through, apparently, writing poetry and suffering; it seems God decided I’d had enough and decided to open my eyes. I’ve never looked back, but what I’ve been shown has been hard to swallow by my Christian brothers and sisters as it conflicts with their brainwashing by SEMENary trained ‘priests’.

        Suffering is part of God’s model and it seems to be how we learn to care about others more than we care for ourselves.

    Cow cannot be even compared to modern man, as cow is one seven mother according to Swami AC Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada’s teaching
    “According to scriptures also, there are seven mothers: (1) the real mother, (2) the wife of the spiritual master, (3) the wife of a brāhmaṇa, (4) the wife of the king, (5) the cow, (6) the nurse, and (7) the earth. All of them are mothers.”
    So cow is one of the mother.
    In one sense Cow, Queen, earth are more important than biological mother as these mothers are not only contributing for the spiritual development of a single individual but for all the humans.

    But I have some doubt which I think your well qualified to clear Swami Prabhupada says even wife of king, the wife of a brāhmaṇa are to be considered as mother, since we know that all the European’s are of Aryan Kshatriya Descendant who either came to Europe from Lord Parasurama massacre or by the allotment of lands to sons by King Yayati, so I considered every women of European Aryan(Kshatriya) descent or Brahmin’s wife to be mother, so when I see videos where illegal immigrants (who are trillions times worst then cats or dogs) attacking Aryan women of Kshatriya descendant in Europe instigate by (((them))) I am deeply saddened and enraged, as if it happens to my own mother, So is it okay to apply the rules of looking up to queen,Brahmins wife as our own mother even in this Kali Yuga ???

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