DEVA VERSUS ASURA – Prabhupada Confirms Hitler’s Divine Fight (Part 01)

So you all, boys and girls, those who have come from America, I am very much thankful to you. But don’t be less serious. Be very serious. And another thing I’ll request especially to the Americans, that America has got good potentiality to save the world, so if you preach very nicely in your country… And not all of them will be interested, but if a section of men in your country, you can turn them to become Kṛṣṇa conscious, it will be great benefit to the whole world.


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But the aim is the same, punar-janma-jayāya: to gain victory over this process of birth, death and old age. This is not fiction; this is fact. People are not serious. But you can teach your people; otherwise, the whole human society is at risk. They are like animals, without any… Especially this communist movement is very, very dangerous—to make a big animals. They are already animals, and this movement is making big animals.
So I am speaking to America because America is a little serious against this communistic movement. And it can be counteracted because the process is current since a very, very long time. Deva asura, devāsura, the fight between the demigods and the demons. So the same fight is there in different name, “Communists and the capitalists.” But the capitalists are also eighty percent, ninety percent demons. Yes. Because they do not know the science of God. That is demonic principle. So there is good chance in your country to make them, or they rectify their demonic principles. And then they will be very, (I) mean, strongly able to fight with the other demons.

Prabhupada Lecture – Śrī Caitanya-caritāmṛta, Ādi-līlā 1.11, Māyāpur, April 4, 1975




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