Hare Krishna my friends. My goal is to spread the truths that are revealed by Srila Prabhupada and bring as many souls as possible to his shelter, so that together we can build a new world based on the ancient vedic model of varnasrama dharma.

This system teaches how all humanity can live in harmony with God, nature and all other living beings in total self-sufficiency rather than in the current demoniac world order which is based on exploitation.

I create regular videos based on Prabhupada’s teachings that not only expose the demoniac new world order but also give hope by presenting the spiritual solutions and the pathway to a new spiritual world order of peace.

My desire is to be instrumental in working with other spiritual people to build a self-sufficient farm community based on Prabhupada’s varnasrama system.

If you like my videos and wish to support me then your contributions will be much appreciated.

Yours in the service of Prabhupada.

Mukunda dasa.