MY DAD WAS KILLED!!! Is Natural Death Now Obsolete?

Like the majority of people in western civilization my Dad was a victim of aggressors who have an agenda to reduce the population of the world to around 800 million. They do this through a process of slow kill and fast kill tactics under the veil of medical treatment etc. etc….


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Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

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  1. Hi Mukunda – my father died from inhaling asbestos particles when he worked in Bremerton Harbor during World War II. There is evidence the asbestos companies knew it was toxic but they kept it a secret. This is an example of corporations deceiving the public and the government.
    As far as cell phones – we can purchase hollow cord earphones. The corporations – again – do not want to admit their products cause cancer. So it’s not just the government, like everything else, it’s a combination of greed and lack of will to stand up to greedy corporations.
    As far as the mainstream medical system – don’t get me started. That’s a patriarchal form of medicine – going to war with the body. If they let women run the medical system it would be more holistic. Luckily we have the choice of whether we want to use natural healing – that current is also very strong.
    My point is this – it’s not the government that wants to kill us. The corporations want us to buy their crappy food and crappy products, then we go into the corporate medical system with crappy drugs and crappy surgery. So you can’t really say the government is doing this. They’re simply failing to stand up to the corporations that don’t care about us. All they care about is money.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Tob shebbe goyyim harog – Even the best of the Goyim (Gentiles) should be killed.

      Jewish Talmud, Soferim 15, Rule 10

      1. Saying everyone of a particular background adheres to all the same BS is a sign of prejudice. Just because an ancient scriptural book says something does not mean every Jew believes it. Fundamentalists of any religion are the real problem with religion. The interpretation of ancient scriptures must change and grow or a religion becomes a cult.

        1. So name me the good jews who are exposing the crimes of the tribe, can you do that? I will give you 1 or 2 from history: Bobby Fischer and Benjamin Freedman. Name me some today who are speaking out, can you do that? Can you name me the good jews? Nearly all who identify as “victim jews” will not, for they support the tribe and believe the lies such as the holohoax.

        2. Nori. They all believe it consciously or subconsciously. The “Juice” have been programmed from birth to think that they are the chosen people and the rest of us are simple cattle they can cheat, abuse, extort and kill WITHOUT sin.

          1. I respectfully disagree. I grew up in Los Angeles in a school district that was about 30% Jewish. There was no difference between the children who were Christian and the children who were Jewish. We were just kids. Anyways, let’s just agree to disagree. My spiritual path is to find something to love about everyone I encounter on my path.

  2. my grandmother is 90 and just had chemotherapy for a tumor as big as a little green pea;
    she did not had any clue because she was not feeling ill but the doctors said she MUST HAVE CHEMO ! after that she has gotten medicine ; she almost got mad: she did really weird things after taking those medicine and said things like a mad old lady; we said to her to stop taking those medicine, which she did:) she is now again the grandmother i have always known and she threw away those medicine but the chemo really destroyed her strong body…

  3. This is definitely true. They are deliberately getting rid of elderly by hastening their decline. I realise now that both my parents were killed by their methods (toxic drugs & more). My dad had declining health (due to drugs) episode in hospital finished him off. He was in his late 70’s. My mother at the time insisted that “he shouldn’t have died!” She felt that very strongly. At the time this went over my head…but now I know that she was right. My mother herself died from cancer treatment . She was in her 80’s. A kind health care worker got her a place in a beautiful hospice. I felt glad for her to be able to spend her dwindling weeks in such a lovely caring environment..BUT to my horror & dismay she got “kicked out”. I had always thought hospice was for the dying to be allowed to enjoy their remaining time ..but they had changed their policy some years before (limited funding /shortage of beds supposedly. But there was plenty of spare beds!) They kicked her out because her health “had stabilised”…even though she was terminal, and bedridden. (I have left a lot out..) Much much later, after she had died, I did an internet search, because I had certain suspicions..Guess what I discovered?..Yep. Jews in all the usual positions – running everything. Hospice used to be a charity, but now like every other charity- a large (totally unnecessary) strata of huge salaries earners at the top. That’s where most of the money goes. Parasites. Absolutely sickening!

      1. Many thanks to YOU Mukunda dasa. It has been a big relief to finally be able get this off my chest and be believed and understood..

  4. I found this information interesting:

    “The Seed That Saved My Life” – Gary Skeem.

    “It was October 1964. I had just been married 4 months, when I discovered a lump in my lower abdomen. A trip to the local doctor landed me in hospital the next day, and soon it was determined that I had cancer, of a variety that would no doubt kill me within 5 years. A number of treatments were tried on me, but none seemed to react as the doctors had hoped, so I was sent home with little hope from the medical people. Because of X-ray treatments etc., it was also determined I would not be able to father children, which was a great disappointment to my wife and myself.

    “Some time later I happened to read an article that had an interesting effect on my life. Basically what was discussed was the fact that oils of Freshly Ground grains (especially wheat) contained a good amount of a particular type of “E” vitamin that naturally strengthens the very body cells that cancer attacks. Some other by-products of this vitamin is that it also plays an important part in rebuilding other body cells in the blood, liver, heart, reproductive and digestive systems, and more.

    “This lowly seed of wheat was made out to be some sort of health program all wrapped up in one tiny package. I doubted it could be all that great… But on the other hand, what did I have to lose? Could mother nature be so kind to provide a food so complete in its make-up that all the trace elements, minerals and chemicals found in the human body are also found in approximately the same proportions in the wheat seed??? Is this “wheat seed” able to actually restore my health and well being??? Is it really worth my time to grind wheat fresh, and prepare food from scratch?

    Nearly 20 years have passed and I’ve outlived the doctor who sent me home to die, I am the father of 11 children, and I have enjoyed the best of health in mind and body. I truly love the seed of wheat that gave me life. To me and my family, the effort it takes us to use grain in our daily eating habits has been more than worth the time it has taken, not only in health but also in economics. I enjoy making my living helping people see the need, and providing the equipment to use the wonderful seed of wheat. The seed that saved my life….to this I testify.

    Gary Skeem.

      1. no this is an article I copy and pasted i’m not this gary person and i’m nowhere near as old as that I was born in 1991

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