Prabhupada On Mass Immigration

TRANSLATION “To stop the quarreling among different peoples, Mahārāja Priyavrata marked boundaries at rivers and at the edges of mountains and forests so that no one would trespass upon another’s property.”



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PURPORT: The example set by Mahārāja Priyavrata in marking off different states is still followed. As indicated here, different classes of men are destined to live in different areas, and therefore the boundaries of various tracts of land, which are described here as islands, should be defined by different rivers, forests and hills. This is also mentioned in relation to Mahārāja Pṛthu, who was born from the dead body of his father by the manipulation of great sages. Mahārāja Pṛthu’s father was very sinful, and therefore a black man called Niṣāda was first born from his dead body. The Naiṣāda race was given a place in the forest because by nature they are thieves and rogues. As animals are given places in various forests and hills, men who are like animals are also destined to live there. One cannot be promoted to civilized life unless one comes to Kṛṣṇa consciousness, for by nature one is destined to live in a particular situation according to one’s karma and association with the modes of nature. If men want to live in harmony and peace, they must take to Kṛṣṇa consciousness, for they cannot achieve the highest standard while absorbed in the bodily concept of life. Mahārāja Priyavrata divided the surface of the globe into different islands so that each class of men would live peacefully and not clash with the others. The modern idea of nationhood has gradually developed from the divisions made by Mahārāja Priyavrata.

Prabhupada From Srimad Bhagavatam 5.1.40


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Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

8 Replies to “Prabhupada On Mass Immigration

  1. Mass immigration is an attack on Prabhupada’s preaching/ reviving aryan culture =God consciousness !
    very strong and clear words about this worldwide problem Mukunda ;
    this sunday we have to vote in belgium; after watching this video 100% to vote for the political party against the mass immigration!

    Hare krishna and thank you for these video’s

      1. Sir, sometimes Srila Prabhupada confuses me with seemingly contradictory statements. For example, he says:

        ‘There is no question of starvation. But because we have rebelled against the principle of universal brotherhood we are all suffering. I have several times said that there are ample space. There is no question of scarcity. Ample space. I am traveling all over the world. So much space lying vacant in America, in Africa, Australia. Why the Chinese or the Indians should be congested, overpopulation? But they will not allow. “It is my country.” “Have you got visa?” immigration. “Yes, I have got.” “All right, three months. Then get out.” This is going on. Because they are rascals, they are falsely claiming, “This is my country. This is my property. Nobody can come here.” This is a dog’s philosophy. Just like the dogs. They have selected one neighborhood, and three, four dogs, they live peacefully. Not peacefully—they also fight amongst them. But if another dog comes, immediately the four, five dogs will attack: “Why you have come here? Why you have come here? Gow! Gow! Gow!”

        So this kind of so-called immigration department means dog’s department. They are maintained for checking the human life. Why there should be immigration? We are all brothers. Why you should stop? It is my father’s property. It is your father’s property.’ – Lecture on SB 5.5.20 — Vrndavana, November 8, 1976

        How to adjust these statements?

        I’m also from Belgium. Cindy, do you know more people here interested in the true teachings of Prabhupada?

        1. hare krishna Bram; unfortionately,
          i don’t know other devotees in Belgium:(but
          i always carry some books of Prabhupada in my backpack when i go into town, and give them to people who i run across and think of would be interested in them ,like last week to
          our postman, who loves talking about God every time he delivers a package:)

        2. Sir, Srila Prabhupada simply says: That the world is the property of Krishna and that ALL His children have a right to live wherever they want!

          Now, because of bodily concept of life, people have grouped themselves and do not allow members of other groups (nations, religious sect, skin color etc) to enter “their” land and live there peacfully.

          This while we all know, that it is not “their” land/country! It is Krishna’s property and He has reserved for everyone a place to become Krishna Conscious and be happy!

          Read about it here, especially mantra 1:

    1. Do they eat meat? Smoke? Drink? Don’t fool yourself by taking a quote out of context to suit your own agenda. Prabhupada took in beggars, rogues, acidheads and freaks and turned them into Vaisnavas. When you do that then worry about mass immigration and the right wing agenda.

  2. I bought them a few years ago at, and last year my dad
    ordered from also some books; the author of this site is
    the owner of the shop, so you are100% sure of buying original books:)

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