School Closures Through The Summer By ((Lyin’ Eyes)) – Joe Imbriano

In the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) for those that live there or know someone, the mayor made a deal with AT&T, Verizon and Mobilitie to roll out infrastructure for some 4,200 small cells that will broadcast 5G. These small cells (long cylinder antennas) mounted on the street lamps will broadcast both 4G and 5G on existing light poles, we know 4G radiates 24/7 but it’s my understanding according to a building biologist 5G needs to be initialed to broadcast the signal. they’ve only finished installing a small percentage of these and likely fewer still are even active and perhaps using the sub 6GHz 5G band, I don’t know. my guess is full deployment is still about 2-3 years away if they get their way. the city is also in a frenzy replacing the remaining LPS and HPS that preserve night vision – eye health and good sleep. To make matters worse for the folks living within the downtown core, they’ll also get hit with Facebook Terragraph wireless gigabit internet, plus the city has also installed some of the biggest blueish white illuminating 4000K commercial area LEDs cobra head lamps there. Furthermore, there are many neighborhoods here where AT&T and Comcast has already deployed Fiber to the Home which is safer and more reliable than any 5G spectrum…So I recommend checking the websites for deals if internet speed is of concern to you.


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“We don’t need no vaccination We don’t need no blood control No dangerous weapons in our blood stream The wireless agenda is going to fail All and all they’re just another fire in the pit of hell.” Keep singing Joe. “The people that follow the devil are stupid.” The only people they are going to arrest and throw in the camps are those who won’t surrender their guns or won’t take the vaccine, the line in the sand.” God bless you and your family. Thanks for the video.





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