The Death Of London

“We’ve been ethnically cleansed”.

The tragic death of the Cockney & our capital city, London.

Hung_Likable: In retrospect, it would have been better to lose to and be ruled by Hitler than to lose to and be ruled by islamic shitbags.

The Goyim Know: Adolf Hitler was right and the Holocaust never happened! It’s nothing but jewish fantasy.


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ElliotAlderson: The Globalist conspiracy to start WWIII between Russia and the U.S. as a pretext for their One World Government is very real. The Muslim replacement in Europe and the U.K. were to be used to commit terrorist attacks and serve to legitimize an “EU Peacekeeping Force” as well as complete censorship and control of the Internet. All of these things were to going to be used to genocide the white race out of Europe and make way for the expansion of Israel (the new world capitol). The U.K. politicians are all NWO Socialists as are the Clintons/Obamas/Neocons/Neolibs in the U.S.
So far, the only thing throwing a wrench into their plans was the election of Donald Trump, who is dismantling the NWO criminals stateside… known as The Deep State.
There will come a time when Europe will once again need to be liberated from the hands of tyrants and that time is soon approaching. As of now, there are no political parties or politicians in Europe that oppose the NWO and the few who have tried to mount resistance (Italy) have seen their political movements crushed by the EU… welcome to Weimar 2.0.

crob000: So if I get this right… England is done for, again by the Jews. This is their 8th white genocide. England is also financially broke and close to falling apart. It now has some of the world’s highest volume of violent crime and the majority are not even white anymore. How long will whites be blamed for everything when they barely exist. Whites make up 5.5% of the world population and the Jews just keep pressing on to wipe us out. I really doubt we will ever unite. We have our youth indoctrinated to Jewish communism already. They have said it many times, when they are done exterminating the white race, they believe their messiah will return. That is not saying a good entity will return, they are saying satan, lucifer, fallen angels. This is why the elites, zionist, jews all worship the same thing and work to bring the end of the Hebrew people. We are all the people of god but it seems the Jews are from a different sect and have been around longer than we are told. They have been manipulating and attacking the world drip by drip. Their own leaked words say the world will unite to hunt them down if we realize what has been done.

They have divided us all. Black, white, asian, native, arab. They control the world banks, the media, military industrial complex, socialist media, vast amounts of technology and every single time they do something where as if any other country would be under sanctions for doing, they yell anti semite and their propaganda machine starts up until the world backs down and does nothing about them yet again.

Their end goal is to never contribute anything and make the world work as Goyim slave as they have called us for thousands of years.

We are at a bridge in history they know is critical to a junction point. If they lose control now, the world will lift the veil and see them for who they are. More and more censorship will occur. Many more journalist will disappear as this merges in to their end game.

The technocratic language they have designed is being foister on us now. If humans reject it, we can be free, one with the earth and god again. If we accept their mark, their technology, you will grow diseased and weak. They are the beast and they have said they do not want to be sent back to their lower verse.


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Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

6 Replies to “The Death Of London

  1. Haven’t watched the video yet, but couldn’t help but notice the part of ElliotAlderson’s comment where he says: “So far, the only thing throwing a wrench into their plans was the election of Donald Trump, who is dismantling the NWO criminals stateside… known as The Deep State.”

    What!? If people who are supposedly on our side still haven’t been able to spot the lies yet, then there’s no hope after all…

  2. Let’s never forget that the Jews running Britain first bombed Berlin 7 times to provoke the Germans to participate in the biggest slaughter mankind has ever seen. Hitler finally retaliated on London and Churchill and his controllers got their war.

  3. Stupid british people you all fought against Hitler now you all deserve it. Kiss the american ass. England is a disgrace for the world !

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