URGENT!!! Drink Cow’s Milk Now!!! Humanity Needs It’s Protection More Than Ever!!!

The Vegan movement is totally Jewish, completely anti-logos, totally demoniac! It is to the human civilization what feminism is to the family. COMPLETELY DESTRUCTIVE!!!


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Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

12 Replies to “URGENT!!! Drink Cow’s Milk Now!!! Humanity Needs It’s Protection More Than Ever!!!

  1. over the years, more and more vegan foods / vegan “milk”are coming up in the stores;
    and at the same time, psychiatry clinics are getting overcrowded : no coincidence…

    When vegans say to me that its not normal to drink milk because its only for the calf, i tell them this story:
    The Mahabharata explained the transition to the non eating of cows and instead drinking their milk in a famous myth:
    “Once, when there was a great famine, King Prithu took up his bow and arrow and pursued the Earth to force her to yield nourishment for his people. The Earth assumed the form of a cow and begged him to spare her life; she then allowed him to milk her for all that the people needed.”

    they don’t know what to say afterwards:)
    hare krishna

    1. The cows shown in the picture are not Cows referred to, in the Vedas. These are of species Taurus, Bovine. Real cows, who’s milk nourishes the brain are Indicus, Bovine. Apples and oranges here.
      I am a go raksha vegan. Meaning, if I am not able to obtain milk and ghee from Bovine Indicus cows that are not protected from slaughter house, then, I’d rather be a vegan. Thank you!!
      I do supplement with 2 grams of algal oil, which provides one gram of DHA. Also with nutritional yeast, B12, glutathione, astaxanthin, vitamin C, E, D and a few others (You need most of these, even if you drink A1 milk). I do take care of myself unlike many vegans as well as vegetarians, especially Hare Krishnas who dont.
      So, no I am not going to drink A1 milk from Bovine Taurus and to top that, support cow killing!!

      1. Well Prabhupada was taking milk and ghee from these cows and also telling his disciples to ship tons of this ghee to India and the rest of the world where his disciples would prepare Prasadam from such ghee and milk powder. But been a proud conditioned soul i guess you think you know better than the Acarya right? The fact you take supplements shows you don’t eat naturally and yeast is completely tamasic! Prabhupada said milk was complete food containing everything man needed in regards vitimins etc. So again i don’t need to hear from you and your “authorities”

        Prabhupada “Milk is very important item in the human society, and it supplies all vitamins.” Evening Darsana — July 8, 1976, Washington, D.C.:

        1. Prabhuji, Prabhupada was referring to A2 cows. At that time, A1 and A2 distinction was not known. The west fooled everyone into thinking that the milk from their cows is equally good as the Indian cows. You see, drinking milk from A1 cows is the biggest problem. Totally crappy milk. Poison. Much worse than buffalo milk. You can get clogged pores from casein in A1 milk and more, like heart attack, cancer and diabetes, from such milk. This causes doctors to push many westerners to go on Staten drugs, which results in loss of libido and causes impotence and therefore leading to reduced population of whites (Agenda 21 at work through A1 cows and Staten prescription drugs?! Never though of that before).
          On the other hand A2 Indicus milk is healing, (provides all the vitamins, balances cholesterol etc) just like Vedas profess (as well as Prabhupada).

          1. Prabhupada knew the distinction and took it and never instructed us not to take. So how could Prabhupada instruct us to take when if was poison? Also Prabhupada was instructing devotees to buy A1 cows. In Vedic culture crops are grown with cow dung so why are all these anti-milk devotees taking grains and vegetables not grown according to vedic standards? They are also contaminated with chemtrail poison even if the vegones think they are “organic” So the double standards don’t fool me. This anti-milk sentiment on any level is demoniac and any one following it is part of the jew world orders attack on Vedic culture.

          2. It’s hard to say what’s real with the turd bowl of disinfo from quackademic whores, but I too found this research some time ago on the A1-A2 distinction.

            I’ve always been a milk drinker and more recently started drinking it HOT and slowly; I’ve been pretty healthy so it cannot be that bad and is Prabu beyond mistakes?

            If Prabupad did an audio of his experience with Christ conscience he achieved or stumbled into as is the case some times, I’d sure like to hear it!

            Or that of others that had this experience! I’ve found ZERO testimony other than vague canned descriptions thereof.

  2. Everything you say about the Jews is right. But I don’t see how milk is the answer. Most vegans are not bad people. They are doing what their heart tells them is right. Sure some (many) are total Commies, and lead by the Jews. But how will milk save us?

    1. Hare Krishna Paul. Krishna will save us through His representative Srila Prabhupada. Milk will help us to understand the spiritual message of Prabhupada by helping us develop fine brain tissue. It will also elevate us to the mode of goodness which is the preliminary qualification for spiritual life. milk will also aid in our balanced bodily functioning both gross and subtle. Vegans…. well yes you are right some are hardcore commies but most of them are sheep, but these are danderous tools as they are been utilised for bringing in Agenda 21.

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