Veganism Is The Most Virulent Violence!

So I spoke that violence means to check a person from the discharge of his duties. That is violence. That was my viewpoint.
Devotee: To interfere with another’s course.


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Prabhupada: Yes. Now, every man has got his prime duty of life. If that duty is checked, that is violence. So I wanted to place, and that is a fact from Vedic literature, that human life is meant for realization of God consciousness or reestablishing his relationship, lost relationship, with God. This is the claim of every human being. Human being… I have several times explained to you. The human being is distinct from animal life in this way, that animal, they do not know what is the aim of life. The human life is meant for realizing, self-realization. If any civilization, that is checking people’s progress in the matter of self-realization, that is the most virulent type of violence because people are being checked from the natural advancement of life. This human life is the point when one has to end all the miseries of material existence. That is the aim of human life. If people are not educated to that light, if people are misled in other ways, that is the greatest violence committed to the population. And according to the scripture, they are called atma-han. Atma-han means the greatest violence committed to the population. And according to the scripture, they are called atma-han. Atma-han means suicidal, suiciding.

Prabhupada From A Bhagavad-gita Lecture 3.21-25, New York, May 30, 1966




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Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

10 Replies to “Veganism Is The Most Virulent Violence!

  1. No that is a false equivalency as veganism is much closer to the principle of ahimsa, one of the 4 legs of Dharma, than is meat eating. The meat and commercial dairy industry are far far worse in terms of keeping people away from their ultimate destiny of moksha from the cycle of samsara, so while veganism alone may not bring one to spiritual emancipation it certainly is a step in the right direction as long as one takes further steps. I was vegan before Krsna conscious to prove that, many others also. It just needs to go in the direction of spirituality not atheism, and being more sattvic mode of goodness activity leads one gradually there according to the Gita, and of course sattva-guna can also be considered binding in golden chains if one remains there only.

  2. Besides milk, what other foods should we eat? I only ask because there is so much garbage food out there. Id survive on milk alone if i could, its delicious

  3. I offer my respectful obeisances unto you ksatriyaji, please come and tour north America prabhu, please bless me prabhuji, ………… have you heard of eric dubay flat earth movement album, or, bill warner of, I think you would like his booklets on how to be a muslim lawyer, and, muslim tax collector, prabhupada said we ksatriyas can levy taxes and penality fees on those who are not according to the system, thank you for everything prabhuji,

  4. Wonderful and powerful video Prabhu

    But the part which resonated with me is you said ” (((they))) create the problem, (((they))) give the solution”
    The solution which (((They))) give completely goes against the way of life necessary for Spiritual development.
    The problem is the solution which (((they))) give is based on truth. So some dumb moralist who is devoid of any actual knowledge(spiritual Knowledge) will easily subscribe (((their))) solution.

    Now I will illustrate how they followed the very same pattern in case of immigration issue.
    Actually we know we are all sons of God, we can enjoy whatever is allotted to us without harassing or taking away from others which God allotted to them, which is truth no once can deny this.

    it is (((them))) in the first place who destroyed their(immigrants) place, under the cloak of USA, so (((they))) created the problem in the first place, now (((they))) are giving solution ???===> Immigration to Europe
    Do you see, how (((they))) work???
    So subtle, So dangerous!!!

      1. yeah Mr linus Pauling made good point,
        I will example their trick with another similar example

        First they create problem and then give the solution

        Now first they created a problem called Christianity, with the intention of making material,political gain, which resulted in slaughter, massacre, murder, burning , cruel torture etc for millions of Europeans, right from the beginning of time the religion “Christianity” was used for material purpose in Europe, so it is completely and absolutely devoid of any spirituality , anyhow by unimaginable force and aggression they made the Europeans to adopt to this bogus religion, after Europeans were Christianized they used our European Christianized ancestors for conquering different colonies and they exploited the local people and the natural resource in the colonies. Hundreds of missionaries were established in the occupied colonies, as you know that Europeans themselves are devoid of any spirituality what kind of activities these nonsense missionaries can do, to help the local people absolute nothing expect destruction of the local’s way of life.

        Now I just explained the problems which they created in the first place.
        Now just look the solution they provide to us
        Problem created -> Bogus religion called (((Christianity))) —> solution they give —> denounce God.
        Problem created —> Colonization —> solution they given —> share your Europe with Third world people whose country you exploited

        Do you even know how many people after realizing that Christianity is complete bogus made up religion are reluctant to take another religion, do you know how difficult it would be to convince them with, that there is god, All these were caused by Abrahmic religion.

        No one can be better deceivers than these JEWS.
        Adolf Hitler was knowing it completely well, hence he ridiculed the bogus religion Christianity.

        And to those fanatic blind fanatic Christians (christian Identity cucks) who call themselves the real “CHOSEN ONES” or themselves as the “ISRALITES”
        My question to them
        It is well proven the majority of the character in the nonsense book called “BIBLE” , were indulged in INCEST.
        So just to gain the title of “CHOSEN ONES” are you ready to debase your own Great European ancestors to the level of these (((INCEST))).???

        OH!! by the way (((They))) were not only INCEST, they were also PIMPS, Just go through your nonsense not so HOLY crap,
        Just take a count of how many times these (((IRSALITIES))) pimped out their wife to the ROYALS, with lies(that their wives were their sister, actually they were as they married their own sister) , deceits, to gain the usual political power.
        When they were found, they were kicked out as usual out of the country.

        Also bonus Information, Why to immigrate to ISRAEL, the DNA test is conducted through maternal line ,not a paternal line.
        The answer is because (((They)))) got the Royal DNA into them, by pimping out their wife to ROYALS.

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