Why Germans In The Midwest Must Perish. SHOCKING!!!

The following shocking revelations about the German people in and around the Midwest of the United States Of America comes from part 8 of my new documentary called “CIRCUMCISION Is A Demoniac Attack On Human Or Aryan Culture”

I would recommend you watch that documentary to understand more deeply the points raised in the following video.


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Before we take a look at this disturbing information let us have a little background history in regards to World Jewry’s total hatred of the German people.

EUROPA – The Last Battle



Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

5 Replies to “Why Germans In The Midwest Must Perish. SHOCKING!!!

  1. My Dear Mukunda dasa,
    Thank you for releasing this very important that we know information. All Aryan folk need to especially know what this video contains. Maybe they will start believing what we tell them at last!

  2. The Jews are an alien group/tribe to this world. No other race, but the Jews are working to cause hatred as do the Jews. No other race hates another race as Jews do. No other race tries to brainwash other races to hate another race as the jews do.
    Germany was one of the few countries that welcomed Jews. Jews had been expelled from 120 plus countries for the terrible things they did in all of those countries before world war 2. The propaganda by Jews made that war possible, and every other war also. They reap so many billions of $ from war, which is why they want it. War also kills those they hate, which is another reason they love war. If you watch TV, mainstream news and their commercials, you are one of the brainwashed zombies, who base their thinking on lies. The Jews are a tiny minority, but because they do such a thorough job in all media of brainwashing folks, that small minority runs everything in government and they make all the thousands of new laws every years. They are a tiny percent of the population, yet they run your government, your courts and almost everything else!

  3. what’s outrageous is that the Midwest includes the former goiter belt of America and fluoride depletes iodine so the most heavily fluoridated part of America includes the former goiter belt how is that a good idea?!

  4. Mukunda, you worry way too much!

    Prabupad did not tell you their foray into America ends in failure?
    Or that the “empire” was about to be destroyed, in general?

    This is their “last stand” and many of them know this at the higher levels which is
    how I know it’s a certainty.

    The “Cheruscan” [German] blood lines were very clean lines back to the Etruscans the Phoenicians and Africans, possibly Easter Island/Mayan SORCERERS, overthrew. (The Cheruscans ‘mixed’ with other Cheruscans.)

    History channel has a good documentary on Arminius for how only they were able to defeat the Romans who left them alone after that. (Ignore all the subtle smearing crap; they did NOT do human sacrifice other than themselves in battle; the usual turd in the punch bowl.)

    The Phoenician/African enslavement/rape/mixing of the Etruscan women did not happen in the Cheruscan areas; Italians as you likely know have a chunk of African blood.

    These and other Occidental lines they hate for obvious reasons.


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