Why The Vegan Cult Is The Most Envious Of Prabhupada’s Mission

Vegans are supporters of the biggest criminals in the history of the world namely INTERNATIONAL JEWRY. THESE ARE THE FOUNDERS OF THEIR DEMONIAC VEGAN MOVEMENT!!! The people who fund and promote veganism are the same people who are running all the slaughterhouse chains.

Vegans are totally anti-vedic and supporters of International jewry who have trapped them in a dialectic to help bring in their JEW WORLD ORDER. That their pig brains are not yet grasping! Thus those “devotees” supporting this vegan cult are been played like all the other vegone pig brained people to help bring in a GODLESS new world order of tyranny for all living entities.


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Actually, EVERYWHERE ENVIOUS PEOPLE ARE AGAINST THIS MOVEMENT, ESPECIALLY COMMUNISTS, BECAUSE THIS MOVEMENT IS A THREAT TO THEM. The main thing is to distribute books—the communist idea is spread practically all over the world on account of distributing huge amounts of literature, but they have no substance.

Srila Prabhupada Letter to: Balavanta, Vrindaban, 4 October, 1976





Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

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  1. You’ve lost the plot. There is no vegan cult. And no one gives a fuck about this no one guru. Move on man. Jeez

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