Boer Project: South Africa A Reverse Apartheid? A WHITE GENOCIDE!!!

The Boer Project can proudly present the documentary that tells the story of the Boer population in South Africa.

A very important documentary!!! If you want to know the future of Europe and the USA when whites have become a minority in their own countries then check this out!!!

I am passing along this cry for help I received from someone in South Africa. Sometimes we only see one view, the one that makes the most noise, or the one that is the biggest group. This is about persecution of white Christians by blacks in Africa, something we do not hear much about.

The Boers are a small group of Christian Dutch colonists that relocated to South Africa in the 18th century, to find a place to farm.

They legally bought the land, and now it is being taken away, and they are being persecuted for just being white and Christian.


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The letter:

I live in South Africa in a country where it is okay to murder, kill rape, steal and name any sin you want to, if you are black. Here they already murdered more than 4000 farmers, but they will carry on about 4 student that just wanted to initiate black people to their hostel. All of a sudden it is taken out of total context. The world is running with it. But what is really important, is not important. Our sons and daughters are fearing for their lives.

We live in fear.

You may murder, rape, sodomize, and lock up people for years with out a proper trial, if you are black. In my country we live behind bars.

Private security budget is nearly the same as our police budget. There is hardly any border control. People from neighboring countries are streaming into our country because, in their countries, there is not enough food.

If I were them I would have done exactly the same but our infrastructure can’t take it. We are top heavy. The government officials are stealing money from the poor.

The people that must build houses for the poor are stealing the money, they build sub standard houses and pocket the rest. Farms that are bought by the government from white farmers, and given to black farmers, is not producing enough food.

Those farmers only produce enough food for themselves or they are a total failure, like all the other black nations around us. There is just not enough real farmers left on the ground. But still they carry on murdering our farmers.

They kicked out the people with the skills to run the factory’s, mines, schools, electricity, etc. They put people in charge that have no idea how to run it. They even kicked out the people that know how to maintain it. This is all over Africa.

Just go and see what is going on in all the Africa nations. Starvation. wars. Oh this people love making war and call it freedom, but all they want is money, money, money, not taking care of their people

In my country we gave them big parts of the country which is theirs now. We also gave them the money to build up their country, but they did not want to do that, they want what did not belong to them, that is their tradition. They are not prepared to work for it.

Countries, world wide, keep on giving money to Africa to make war. They keep on feeding them so they don’t have to plough the fields and provide for themselves. People that don’t work for a living give Satan their time.

Stop giving money to Africa, stop giving them weapons because they are destroying themselves, and stop providing for Africa and their statesmen.

AND STOP BELIEVING THEM THAT WE STOLE THERE LAND. BECAUSE IT IS NOT TRUE. When the Dutch came to South Africa, they bought the ground from the people. And as the white people move into the country, vast amounts of land, there was no people living there.

And where there was people living, our leaders went to so the head of that tribe, and bought the land from the people. So please tell me why we must give our country that we build up to them.

Why could they not build up their part of country as we did ours. They love to tell the world we suppressed them, they don’t tell the world that they love to make war, and take what does not belong to them, because they think it is their right.

We provided them with schools, hospitals, universities. We provide them with the means to build up there country. But they are a lazy bunch. It is easier to take than to build.

They are liars, and the world believes them. They told the world that we supplied sub standard education and hospitals that is a lie. They burn down their schools, destroy their country, because WHY MUST WE WORK HARD if it is already there.

And the world believes their serpent language. And discriminated against the BOER people have always been God fearing people. We wanted a place where we can live with God. That is why we try to help them also.

God’s people can’t walk hand in hand with Satan people. It is forbidden. Since they have taken over the country, Satan is loose in this country.

But God also sent us a man that walked with God, and he told us this is going to happen. But that we must not loose faith, that the Lord will restore this country but not in the way we think. He also told us it will get much darker before the light will returns, and the only thing that will save us is our trust in the Lord our Savior. He also said that this country will be a save place for people that will flee for their beliefs. He also said that the people that don’t believe will die or flee out of this country.


There is so many beliefs here that is speaking serpent language. That our people is losing their way. Some of our big churches has lost the way totally, they are saying Jesus did stand up out of the dead, that it was only his spirit, He did not go to the heaven in the way that the Bible says, that the old testament is only a story.


That they will hold on to the Lord Jesus, our savior, because that is our only Hope. Our children and grand children must learn now in our schools all the religions. We are trying to build schools for our children, where we can educate them.

But I fear we are loosing the battle, to many people has lost there faith. But I know if Christians all over the world will start praying for the Christian in this country we will survive.

Do you know how many of the so called Christian people in this country is shouting “KILL THE BOER. ONE BULLET, ONE BOER.!!”

Do you know how our children is indoctrinated, do you know how our moral standards is destroyed amongst our girls. That our sons have higher standards.

Do you know how our children are raped, sodomized, crippled or killed? Do you know how our old people is raped, sodomized, crippled, that there soles of their feet is cut off, hot water is poured over them, burned with cigarettes etc?

That husbands are forced to watch while there wife is raped, sodomized and sometimes cut open if they are pregnant. Children must watch while these ungodly things is done to their parents. Parents must watch while these ungodly things is done to their children. We are not aloud to defend ourselves if we do we go to jail.

Please pray that you don’t ever go to jail in this country. Black men in jail sodomize our men. They are deliberately put in with this type of men. Or they get robbed of the little they have including their clothes.

No. I don’t live in a terrorist country according to the world. I live in a country with no respect for God, and His word.

They use the Word as they see fit. And that is the work of the SERPENT.

They even went back to there old traditions of praying to their fore fathers. [I assume she means something similar to voodoo here]


Hate for the black people of this country is flaring. Where there was no hate before there is now. Where there was respect for other people before, there is no respect.

And the problem is that the black people of Africa are their own downfall, because they listen to people that speak serpent language. Very few black people uphold the 10 commandments.

And our Lord says you won’t walk with this people. You won’t mix with this people. Except to bring the Word to them. That we did, but they want more. They are never satisfied.


This is not a terrorist country, but a Serpent country. That is worse.

You don’t fight a visible enemy, but an invisible enemy that manifests itself in the people. You may tell the world.

*****Please pray for the Boers in South Africa. Thank you.



Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

7 Replies to “Boer Project: South Africa A Reverse Apartheid? A WHITE GENOCIDE!!!

  1. You are doing great work, my comrade. I am very impressed at your ability to gather information, for the awakening of the sleeping Aryan Remnant. You will be eternally blessed by Shiva, for your service. HH

  2. Whites can go back to Europe and jews can go to israel. Nobody is stopping them . Should never have been in Africa in the first place if the willing Europeans wanted to complete jewish genocide, slavery, colonialism and apartheid.
    Whites have more than enough money to freely leave . Why don’t they . Brainwashed that you own Australia, USA, South Africa.

    The author of this trash has no inkling of Black suffering . Only hate.
    One has to wonder why you are SCREAMING genocide.

    Genocide, as according to whites living in South Africa is not able to freely own and control or rhe resources and land . Not having the privilege to ill treat Blacks as the inferiors they think they are .

    Seems like I stumbled upon some kind of jewish ?white nationalist pysop.

  3. Just like the holohoux ,the boer genocide is another fantastical lie.
    Liars competing with each other . Perhaps not on the scale of how jews can tell lies, but conflating perceived hallucinatory threats of violence from your victims is not genocide.
    Really, no-one is stopping European settlers from going back to Europe. They have enough money and power to do so . If the crybabies are so unhappy in darkest Africa, why don’t they leave instead of concocting lies like their jewish masters have schooled them?

    Seems like I stumbled upon a jewish /white nationalist whatever psyop.
    Truth! Now that is a laugh.

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