Hear Sinister Whispers of International Jewry Poisoning Prabhupada

“Put the poison in different containers” Note:  After the Jew Thomas G. Herzig spoke these words I also hear him say “It’s alright”. This was not included in the video transcript.

Conversations Vol. 36, page 373: After Srila Prabhupada says “Hmmm. You make me flat” is heard this whisper: “Push real hard, it’s going down him…(giggle) the poison’s going down.”


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Con:36.373: After Jayapataka says, “follow the same treatment,” a whisper: “Is the poison in the milk? Um hum.”

Con:36.374: After Srila Prabhupada says, “Daytime we expose…”, we hear the whisper, “Do it now.” Then Srila Prabhupada drinks something.

Con:36.378: We hear the whispers, “Jayadwaita… will you serve Srila Prabhupada poison Jayadwaita?”, then several negative responses followed by “Nette, nette.”

Con:36.391: After Jayapataka says, “Should there be kirtana?” we hear a Bengali phrase, and then the whisper “Poison ishvarya rasa.” Srila Prabhupada replies with “To Me?”, then we hear, “Take it easy, get ready to go,” then a few seconds later, we hear what sounds like Jayapataka say “You’re taking it right now” Srila Prabhupada then says “How’s this?” Then someone says “Let it go.” Then Hansadutta’s kirtan [chanting] begins.

On side A of the “poison tape”, November 11, 1977, was found the following whispers: “Going down” “Did it hurt?” “He’s gonna die” “Listen, he’s saying…. Going to die” “Yes, a heart attack time”

Mr. Jack Mitchell owner/engineer of ” Commercial Audio/ Forensic Audio/ Computer Audio Engineering” Albuquerque, New Mexico. (Sections of Mr. Mitchell’s report on the ‘poison whispers’ are recorded above) “After a week, Jack Mitchell called Mahabuddhi and advised that we should be arranging for legal counsel, as it appeared that what he was analysing was a poison conspiracy, judging from what he had already found on the tape. Mr. Jack Mitchell (referring to Dr. Helen McCaffery): “I sent her the report for her review and told her that if there was anything in there that she felt was incorrect she should tell me, she should change it. Or if she felt that anything needs to be added, then she should add it. She added nothing; she changed nothing. She actually submitted a document in which she says that she is in total agreement with the report, with the findings.”

Mr. Tom Owen. OWL Investigations, Inc

Conclusion: There is conversation about poison and the use of it. In my opinion there is certainly a basis for further investigation. Exhumation would settle the issue, although I am told that it is against religious beliefs. A forensic toxicologist and Homicide investigator should be consulted consulted.

Opinion: Based on my training and experience, the word poison is clearly audible and intelligible in several instances







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