Hitler Was No Racist Says Awakened Muslim

I promise you I am quite free from all racial hatred. It is, in any case, undesirable that one race should mix with other races. Except for a few gratuitous successes, which I am prepared to admit, systematic cross-breeding has never produced good results. Its desire to remain racially pure is a proof of the vitality and good health of a race. Pride in one’s own race — and that does not imply contempt for other races — is also a normal and healthy sentiment. I have never regarded the Chinese or Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own. They have the right to be proud of their past, just as we have the right to be proud of the civilization to which we belong. Indeed, I believe the more steadfast the Chinese and the Japanese remain in their pride of race, the easier I shall find it to get on with them.

Hitler-Bormann Documents (Feb. 13, 1945).


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Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

18 Replies to “Hitler Was No Racist Says Awakened Muslim

  1. Thank you Mukunda dasa for posting this video. It is straight forward and clear!
    This video is beautiful!
    “Hitler was no Racist says Awakened Muslim!”

  2. This is a good video save one item: “Americans are racist”; we are viewed that way because of the blatant lies about “white slavery”, and the Judeo-Masonic “Jew Klux Klan”, a Jewish creation who does find a FEW useful idiots.

    How about some stats from an AFRICAN? Hint America is way down the list.

    Henry Ford new well the #JewsKingphu:
    ” The International Jewish plan to move their money market to the United States was what the American people did rot want. We have the warning of history as to what this means. It has meant in turn that Spain, Venice, Germany or Great Britain received the blame or suspicion of the world for what the Jewish financiers have done. It is a most important consideration that most of the national animosities that exist today arose out of resentment against what Jewish money power did under the camouflage of national names.

    “The British did this,” “The Germans did this,” when it was the International Jew who did it, the nations being but the marked spaces on his checker board. Today, around the world the blaming word is heard, “The United States did this. If it were not for the United States the world would be in a better shape. The Americans are a sordid, greedy, cruel people.”

    Why? Because the Jewish money power is centered here and is making money out of both our immunity and Europe’s distress, playing one against the other; and because so many so-called “American business men” abroad today are not Americans at all – they are Jews.

    Citizens wake up with a start to find that even the white nations are hardly allowed to see each other nowadays except through Jewish eyes. Great Britain and France seldom see a special American spokesman who is not a Jew. That may be the reason why they reciprocate by sending Jews to us, thinking perhaps that we prefer them.”

  3. Macunda,

    Research “Arminius” of Germany to learn why the #Jewskingphu hate Germans so much.
    They, as Cheruskis, are’re direct descendants of the amazingly Occidental and deeply spiritual culture called “Etruscans” who were overthrown by what would become the Romans and the HE-brews” who are actually mercenary thieves known as the HAbiru.

    Scan this page for
    Habiru: dragonspaw.blogspot.com/2014/11/hunt-of-mystical-unicorn-and-boston.html

    (Occidentals are the “White Unicorn” idealists who get in the way of their pedophilia, torture, and other criminal behaviors; they’re greedy, demonic and replete with serious mental issues. (Esp. schizophrenia which is actually a spiritual infestation to which they are susceptible.)

  4. before criticizing Hitler, read the history of Germany and the Weimar Republic. The Jew Rathenau was the richest businessman in the 1920s and held the position of minister. He simply sold Germany to the Communists. What the Germans fought was usury, the medium in which the Jews adopted their powers. The Jews own huge networks of banks, there are still several of them in the European nobility.

  5. Hitler had a lot of jews in his office. One important was Erhard Milch, a field marshall, died in 1972. He was partly jewish, and other was Alexander Löhr a jewish luftwaffe general too. Not all jews were in favour of communism and usury. Time to rewrite history correctly . EUROPEANS WAKE UP!!!!

  6. What about operation paperclip? Were the Nazis good in the beginning but were infiltrated by zionists later on? And all those videos and pictures showing Nazis shooting women and children in the back before burying them??? Did Hitler try to take Bible’s away or another lie? 🤔
    Thank you! I just want the truth. Godspeed

  7. “And all those videos and pictures showing Nazis shooting women and children in the back before burying them??? ”

    That was done by USSR partisans or soldiers wearing german uniform, it was done under the order of stalin, as the people in Russia were welcoming german soldiers whenever german army entered a new Russian territory, so to turn the people against the German soldiers it was done.
    Some of the photos were edited too, stalin’s regime was known for editng photos.

    1. Exactly Mr Linus Pauling,
      Many photos were edited were edited by USSR.
      Also if at all any shooting was done by German army, then it would be against the Partisans, By Geneva convention deployment of Partisans is prohibited, but still USSR under stalin’s order were using civilians (Partisans) to fight. So by Geneva convention shooting of Partisans is fine and okay.

  8. Operation Paperclip , German scientist were given the option of working of allied countries space program or to work in Gulag, So scientist agreed to work for the allied countries.
    No sane person would go to Gulag along with their family members.
    So the scientist who went to USA, were treated good.
    Scientist who went to USSR were treated badly and soviets used all their knowledge for the sputnik program.

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