I’m an Englishman

What do they know of England, who only England know?

Elizabeth: The English, like the Americans, must take back their borders, culture, religion and language. If our leaders don’t do it from the top, we’ll do it from the bottom and it won’t be pretty. Those who want to assimilate into it are welcome. Everyone else must leave and take their filthy “isms” (socialism, whatever else) with them. We will put up with a lot and are nice people… until we’re not.


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Nostradamus_mk2: The absolute madness of it all, there is a civil war coming here in the UK and the rest of Europe, it is too late for a peaceful resolution at this point, we as a people, as a culture are on the brink.

Which ever way you look at it the worst will happen and the worst of human nature will be on display as a matter of survival even for the best of us like never witnessed in history, we have cursed our children and they will curse us.

For fück sake America learn from our mistakes, wake up please as there will be no homeland for you to escape to.

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Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

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