ISKCON AN UNALLOYED ILLICIT SEX HELLHOLE – Sulocana Prabhu [Prabhupada Martyr]

Taken from GURU BUSINESS By His Grace Sulocana Dasa Prabhu.
Chapter 9 – ISKCON Women: Protected or Exploited?



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There is no possibility for a real sannyasi to take charge of a woman. If someone thinks there is, then he is no sannyasi. For all practical purposes, women need a real live husband. It doesn’t mean that they can’t have a relationship to a bona fide guru any more than it means they can’t have a relationship to Krsna. The spiritual relationship is most definitely there, but without a husband, the chances a woman practically realizing that Illicit Sexrelationship is next to nil. Therefore Srila Prabhupada never encouraged sannyasinis. Without husbands, their minds would simply be agitated, and there is no possibility of significant spiritual advancement in that condition. So Srila Prabhupada continually urged the women to be chaste Vedic wives. But had he discriminated against women in regard to initiation, they likely would not have tolerated it. So Srila Prabhupada initiated both the men and women. His initiating women, and his giving sannyasa to unqualified men, can be seen as similar time and circumstance adjustments. Men with sex desire are not “sannyasis” and wives not devoted to their husbands, are not wives. They both have only half a body. New names have to be invented for these two groups of Kali-yuga disciples. These are our suggestions. Men who are too immature to get married, but are still full of sex desire and so need a stick to carry around with them so they can be respected, should be called “sexyasis.” Women who hate men, and would rather live on welfare, or would rather devote themselves to a sexyasi than their husbands, may be called “sexyasinis.”


Those devotees who are serious about implementing the real Vedic system first of all have to know that one of the most important aspects is to protect the women from exploitation and illicit sex. That means they have to be married. In ISKCON today these sexyasis are claiming to be the guru to so many women but such a proposition is not only meaningless but guarantees the woman’s marriage will fail. Srila Prabhupada’s initiating women was a very special concession for time and circumstance that no one can imitate. Otherwise why would he say in so many places that the wife must be cent percent devoted to her husband. He says, “The real guru to the wife is the husband.” Women can and should devote themselves to Srila Prabhupada’s instructions, because he is factually a pure devotee, just as they can devote themselves to Krsna. But if they feel they have a direct link to Prabhupada personally and so therefore don’t need the help and protection of a good husband, then they are in illusion. One woman in a thousand is qualified to be a nun just as one man in a thousand is qualified to be a young sannyasi. Women need a real husband to help them make spiritual advancement and men need a real wife to help them make progress also. They don’t need a sexyasi or sexyasini. Woman claiming to have a relationship with one of these “ISKCON” sexyasis should know, without a doubt, that such a relationship is nothing but unalloyed illicit sex, which will destroy any possibility of a successful marriage.

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