Prabhupada is the Counselor [Second Coming] that Jesus Predicted would come and teach us all things and remind us of everything he had said to us. History has thus repeated itself and the Jews have again shown their envy and hatred for the Pure Devotee!!!


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Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.


  1. hari bol buen dia, como estan , muy buena la pagina , ,i nombre es stoka das y fui iniciado x el judio de guagrahi , sin saberlo , la pregunta seria que guru es fidedigno y se puede segir , por ejemplo Bhakti sundar maharaj el sirio que vivio en venezuela es fidedigno ? o kadampa kanana swami , es fidedigno , me ayudarian a descubrir a quien se puede seguir ? ya que me lleve mucha desilucion en isckon con el tema sionismo , desde ya muchas gracias

  2. 1.Thomas (((Herzig)))
    2.Jay (((Israel)))
    3.Gordon J (((Erdman)))
    4.Charles (((Backus)))
    5.Howard (((Resnick)))
    6.William R. (((Ehrlichman)))
    7.Rober Grant–> Grant is a English and Scottish surname, But Robert Grant has Jewishness in this face, I mean he does not have 100% European Descendant look in him.
    May be even Grant won’t be his real surname, he might have changed that too before entering into ISKCON like actor (((Issur Danielovitch))) changed his name to a WASP sounding name Kirk Douglas, there are many such examples in (((Hollywood))).
    8. James (((Immel))
    9. Robert campagnola –> I did not find the surname campagnola related to be Jewish, but just take look at his face Jewishness is rubber stamped allover his face, also he would have changed his surname too before entering ISKCON

    So out of 9 members, 7 are Jews, the rest 2(Rober Grant,Robert campagnola) don’t have any Jewish surnames, but still they have the Jewish looks on thier face, So I my opinion 9 out of 9 members are Jews.

    Present day Members
    1. Richard Slavin –> Slavin surname has Old Irish origin, but it is also used by JEWs,,
    Moreover take a look at his face and decide, he is 100% jewish
    2. glen phillips teton–> none of his surname is Jewish, but he does have Jewishness in his face, so we can’t be sure.
    3. Peter Letai, He looks Jewish, but no proofs were available relation to his surname.
    4. Neal Byers -> Byers is a Jewish surname
    5. Edith E best -> She neither looks Jewish nor has Jewish surname. So I think she is not Jewish.
    6. Alan Ross Wexler -> Jewish surname (, so he is a jew, no doubts.
    7. Kenneth R.Valpey -> surname is not jewish, but looks jewish. So Can’t be sure

    Goyim Bitches
    1. William H deadwyler – > he does have Jewish look
    2. Brina Tibbits -> not a Jewish surname, but you can take my word, he is a jew at least remotely. Quite confident about that.

    There are a lot of Jews in the list of Goyim bitches category, I am sure of that
    For example Malati DD, Tirupurari swami, Kuladri das, suhotra, Bhakti-chaitanya swami, Braja Bihari dasa(he is 1000% jewish) etc I am sure of the members which I mentioned in Examples to be Jews. You can take my word,

      1. Very good, analysis,
        but you said Edith E best is not a Jewess, your wrong, she is a Jewess too.
        Edith E Best (((father))) was CEO of (((Manischewitz Food Company)))
        Her Grandfather (((founded)))) the (((kosher))) company, which is responsible for slaughtering our innocent mother cows, (GOmatha)

        “Her father was president, and later CEO, of the Manischewitz food company, founded by his grandfather.”
        Source can be seen below.
        Manischewitz: the matzo family: the making of an American Jewish icon By Laura Manischewitz Alpern
        She is 10000X jewish.


        (((They))) have purposefully and well intentionally planted these (((members))) into the divine society founded by the Swami AC Bhaktivedanata Srila Prabhupada.

          1. No in the video, she named as Jewess, but in the analysis proof of Mr Linus Pauling, he said
            ” She neither looks Jewish nor has Jewish surname. So I think she is not Jewish.”

            Mr Linus was wrong, not you.
            But yeah she is not jewish looking , even her surname doesn’t sound like a jew.
            but she is absolutely jew.
            Even she has family tree

  3. prabhu, have you seen the conversation with Hayagriva & that 1 bliss boy on youtube.

    Hayagriva is very advanced,

    …………have you seen the Hinduism exposed blog?

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