Language Is The Battlefield

Nation’s survive and thrive when they’re able to communicate clearly and honestly, and they can just as easily fall to pieces when dishonest actors pollute or confuse language as a means of obtaining their ends. We’re swiftly reaching a point in which the two sides of the ideological fence can hold nearly polar opposite definitions of the exact same words or concepts… a point in which true communication becomes impossible, and the prospect of very real violence looms on the horizon.


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The men who built this nation took great pains to establish order and structure, institutions and codes of conduct that allow for harmony and balance. Many take it for granted that peaceful civilization is simply how things are, forgetting the courage, devotion, and intellectual energy required to create and maintain such a state of being. The more we turn our backs on their collective wisdom and rush to embrace a modernist viewpoint that stands at odds with the entirety of human history, the closer we stumble to a complete societal breakdown, and the law of the jungle. This video explains why clarity of thought and speech may be the key to diffusing this time bomb, and how accurate communication is the best means of countering those forces seeking to destroy the foundational concepts behind western civilization.


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Author: Mukunda dasa

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