Patrick Little Exposing The Jews In Manhattan Jew York City

Patrick Little doing an amazing service to humanity by exposing the jews in their own vipers nest of Manhattan Jew York City. The jews power is in force and make believe. By exposing the jews crimes and lies we destroy their power and control. This is the reason they fear the truth been spoken about them. They know it is destroying them!!!


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Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

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  1. If you guys got a better microphone with a real filter of background noise then just maybe it would be worth listening to what Patrick is saying. As it stands the audio is horrible when you pick the streets of NYC with the most noises of anywhere probably on this planet to do your recording!
    He has important knowledge to impart to the public but when no one can understand what he is saying then his voice is wasted.

  2. i would never have the courage to do this; walking around with those letters on it ; he had the guts to do it: way to go patrick!! ; thanks mukunda dasa for again a great post!
    hare krishna,

  3. Dear Mukunda,
    can you write another article exposing the Jewish control of Eastern Spirituality.

    1. Neem Karoli Baba, the mystic from India, was also hijacked by Jews.

    Ram Dass is a Jew,

    “At 60 years of age, Ram Dass began exploring Judaism seriously for the first time. “My belief is that I wasn’t born into Judaism by accident, and so I needed to find ways to honor that”,”
    Also Krishna Das, the guy who made a career out of singing mantras.

    Getting the sheep to sing mantras makes them dumb and easy to manipulate.

    The Jews even gave the Jew Krishna Das a Grammy nomination

    Neem Karoli Baba Foundation – founded by two Jews
    After returning to the United States, Ram Dass and Larry Brilliant founded the Seva Foundation

    Larry Brilliant, also a Jew
    Among the most well known of Neem Karoli Baba’s disciples were spiritual teacher Ma Jaya

    Ma Jaya
    Ma Jaya Sati was a spiritual teacher born to Jewish parents in Brooklyn, United States.

    Lama Surya Das (Buddhists of Jewish descent) born Jeffrey Miller and raised in Valley Stream, Long Island, New York

    This guy also founded Dzochen Foundation (if you have Jewish money, you can start any foundation you like)

    Jay Uttal

    “Jai’s childhood did not offer a spiritual practice. “I was born into an alcoholic, artistic family. We were Jewish, but not devout.”

    Another disciple of Neem Karoli Baba is Daniel Goleman (Buddhists of Jewish descent)

    Yvette Rosser – another Jew ,who even wrote an article about Hin-Jews — Jews who embrace Hinduism

  4. 2. Nisargadatta Maharaj

    Maurice Frydman

    Frydman came to India in the late 1930s as a Jewish refugee from Warsaw.
    Frydman edited and translated Nisargadatta Maharaj’s tape-recorded conversations into the English-language book I Am That, published in 1973.
    (Of course he could manage to get a major Jewish Publisher to publish a book by an unknown mystic)
    Stephen Howard Wolinsky – sounds like a Jewish name

    3. Papaji, the Indian mystic

    Andrew Cohen

    HWL Poonja, also known as Papaji, the Indian Guru who Andrew claims called him his “heir” stated publicly that Andrew only spent 25 hours in satsang before proclaiming himself as enlightened. Papaji describes Andrew’s claims as the arrogance of his ego and never acknowledged Andrew as a master or heir,

    Andrew Cohen is known for abusing his disciples:

    The mental, physical, and financial abuse Andrew perpetrated against former students, which Andrew justifies as “crazy wisdom” are documented in books such as American Guru,[11] Enlightenment Blues, [10] and Mother of God,[
    In 2016, over 200 of Cohen’s former students signed an online petition titled “Stop Andrew Cohen teaching again”, including detailed explanations of why they believe him to be unfit to teach others.

    In 2012 Watkins Books listed Cohen at Number 28 on their “Spiritual 100” list
    (((Ethan Ilfeld))) owns Watkins Books.

    Another disciple of Papaji
    Eli Jaxon-Bear (born Elliot J. Zeldow) a Jew from Brooklyn

    Born Elliot Zeldow, Jaxon-Bear (Wake Up and Roar, 2017, etc.) grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, alternating between urban, mixed-ethnic schools and more exclusive ones with upwardly mobile Jews.

    4. Osho – Bhagwan Rajneesh

    His secretary, Sheela Silverman, was married to a Jew. (She is Indian, married name Silverman)

    After Sheela fled, Osho named Hasya as his secretary.

    Ma Prem Hasya
    “Born into a Jewish European family, she was still a little girl when Hitler came to power.
    After Sheela left, Osho put Hasya in charge of the community.”

    Osho liked money a lot, and Jews had money. So Osho liked Jews a lot.
    He gave them positions of power in his community.

    Article in Haaretz about Hasya


    In England, the most important spirituality bookshop in London, Watkins books, who have the most influential magazine on Spirituality — is owned by Ethan Ilfeld.

    Marianne Williamson
    “I am Jewish and was raised Jewish,”

  5. I also don’t know if you have heard of what Theosophists said about Jews

    Helena Blavatsky

    She wrote that “Judaism, built solely on Phallic worship, has become one of the latest creeds in Asia, and theologically a religion of hate and malice toward everyone and everything outside themselves.”[260] She also stated that Jews were “degenerate in spirituality”, although she still viewed them as Aryans

    Alice Bailey

    The Great Invocation is a mantra given in 1937 by Bailey.
    Researcher (((Hannah Newman))) described what she found to be an antisemitic element in the Great Invocation.
    According to Newman, “the Plan” named in the invocation refers to the plan authored by “the Hierarchy”, that Newman states places “high priority on removing all Jewish presence and influence from human consciousness, a goal to be achieved by eliminating Judaism.”

    The American Chassidic author Yonassan Gershom wrote that Bailey’s plan for a New World Order and her call for “the gradual dissolution—again if in any way possible—of the Orthodox Jewish faith” revealed that “her goal is nothing less than the destruction of Judaism itself.” Gershom also wrote that “This stereotyped portrayal of Jews is followed by a hackneyed diatribe against the Biblical Hebrews, based upon the “angry Jehovah” theology of nineteenth-century Protestantism.

  6. Like most neonazis ‘leaders’, ANYONE who gets main stream coverage or youtubers that get on the Alex Jones show, Patrick Little is a likely crypto Jew which should be obvious by his lack of a “Jews Did 911” sign.

    I could have sworn a comment outing Little was already left months ago; in the interim this was found:

    This makes my “JEWDAR” 100% accurate; his physiotype triggered my Jewdar as did his “Jews Rape Kids” and “Name THE Jew” memes when “Jews Did 911” and “Jews Did 77” are the memes today.

    Hitler is irrelevant and in Canada and the US, the ‘NAZIS’, ALT Right, Stormer, etc. are ALL JEWISH honey pots looking for useful idiots.

    Would we want to risk sending them more ‘intelligentsia’ to KILL or mind control?

  7. @Macunda, I’m sure the above outing must ring a bell, as this is one of my specialties and with a Jewish ex it’s quite accurate. Not all have the nose issues.

    Wth Aaingirfan telling me my comments have been deleted from his blog, [which he restored], I’m wondering if it was WordPress or you that deleted them? (Was it poorly worded?)

      1. That’s what I thought!
        Do you recall me outing this person, and others, perhaps a year ago, on this very page?

        You might want to consider a non-jewPress comment processor; they’ve been censoring my work for over ten years and actually DELETED image evidence; I moved and it’s the same at Blogspot!

        If I had a private site and sayanim were deleting my comments I’d be pissed off; Jewtube did this all along and even CHANGES my comments!

        Surely “2020” will be the YEAR the cult gets their due with 20 being the ‘master of snakes’!

        Have a great one!

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  9. Wow, what a surprise that Hara Krishnas are not just cult members but ALSO rabid Jew-haters. I never knew. Jealous much? Yeah, probably a whole bunch, and with reason. Something to keep in mind the next time one of you solicits me for pocket change. Outstanding example of bigotry, hatred and ignorance- well done.

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