Due to the subversive tactics of International Jewry western civilization is in a rapid decline. Its salvation can be achieved at lighting speed if it reclaims its original roots of Aryan culture and morality under the guidance of the pure devotee of the Lord Srila Prabhupada. There is no other way than this!!!


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I wish that it will be noted down in history that this Krishna Consciousness Movement is responsible for saving the world. Practically, our Movement is the only hope for saving the world from complete disaster.

Srila Prabhupada Letter to: Sucandra, Bombay, 1 January, 1972


The first part of this video is taken from the documentary:

Apotheosis of Evil (2019) [Definitive Version]

The definitive version of the 10 hour documentary Apotheosis of Evil, covering European history in it’s entirety.


THE ARYAN RESURRECTION – The Greatest Day In The History Of Western Civilization




Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.


  1. There is no other way. There is no other way. There is no other way.

    I know you like Asha Logos’s videos, you have a couple on your channel, so you may have seen this one, but I’ll post the link in case you haven’t and in case others are interested.
    Reject the black pill:

    It’s really good.

    Jaya Prabhupada

  2. never saw this footage with prabhupada;
    watching Him and the devotees dancing and chanting +meanwhile listening to
    the very truth you are telling , takes
    one’s soul directly back on a spiritual platform; really uplifting to hear and watch!

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