The Criminalization of Fascism and National Socialism

Most young people today know almost nothing about the history of the twentieth century; they know of figures like Hitler and Mussolini from hearsay only; they have no notion of the ideals which these figures represented, or the values which their political movements gave to the soul of Europe during the first half of the century.


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Fifty years of brain- washing, falsification of history, cinema imbecility and television propaganda have caused people to equate those men and movements with brute violence, senseless bloodshed and fanaticism, in a word, with evil.


The concepts of “fascist” and “Nazi” have been emptied of all political, cultural, and idealistic content, and have become bludgeons to club down all opposition — everyone, that is, who dares to speak out against internationalism and multicultural democracy.


“Fascist!” The very word is a deadly insult, destroying all possibility of free discussion in an instant. This is an insult which deprives the victim any right to take any part in open debate. “You’re a fascist. Therefore, you are evil. Therefore, you have no rights. Therefore, you have no right to speak out or express yourself in favour of anything. “


Ours is an age of a breath-taking technological advancement, opening up undreamed- of possibilities in terms of both information and mind-control. The cliques who control the cinema, television, and printed media can distort news and historical facts almost at will. They can manipulate public opinion to an extent incomparably greater than was ever dreamed possible through the control of newspapers and publishing alone, as the situation existed a century ago.


If an event receives no newspaper or television coverage, then it simply never happened; no matter how great its objective importance, its effects upon public opinion will be nil. Nobody notices; nobody cares. It disappears into an endless, silent void.


Almost nobody knows that on 25 October 1995, Franco Fredda and approximately fifty members of the National Front were sentenced to terms of several years of imprisonment by the Tribunal of Verona for completely non- violent political and cultural activities. With one single exception (Massimo Fini), not one journalist even mentioned it; not a single word of it appeared on television. That is “democracy”: truth and reality are what the media make it.


On the other hand, if the media all unanimously report the same event, even if it is all lies, it takes root in the conscious and subconscious mind of the masses, absolutely regardless of truth, falsehood, or any other consideration. An example of this was the “eyewitness testimony” — later revealed to be an impudent swindle — of the “Iraki atrocities in Kuwaiti hospitals”, or the fairy tale of the American “smart bombs” which allegedly spared women, children, and old men, and only killed soldiers. It is this sort of “news” which forms public attitudes on the Gulf War and the entire Middle East Question.


Through this incredible technology of manipulation, the victors of WW II have not only succeeded in preventing any re-birth of fascism and National Socialism, but they have succeeded in suffocating the traditional spiritual and cultural values which had characterized the intellectual and spiritual life of Europe for countless centuries.


The method they employed to achieve this objective was approximately as follows: all traditional European values, such as love of the earth, the homeland, the family — heroism, honesty, consciousness of duty, and spirituality — were simply associated, in the public mind, with fascism, Nazism, Mussolini and Hitler.


After this equation had become firmly anchored in the sub-conscious mind of the masses, the slightest increase in the volume of “anti-fascist” propaganda was more than sufficient to enable the ruling powers to smother any rebirth of the values which are so threatening.


By equating the defeated powers of World War II Europe with evil, they achieved far more than simply creating contempt for fascists and National Socialists. They destroyed the entire value system which had been responsible for creating a civilization whose greatness had been unique in world history for thousands of years.

In destroying Mussolini and Hitler, they also destroyed Plato and Dante, Machiavelli and Nietzsche, Caesar and Napoleon, Rome and the Holy Roman Empire.


Thus the trap closes.


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