The Second Coming Of Hitler Will Rise In America!!!

America is now getting closer and closer to the position of Germany just after the first world war, before Hitler came into power. The difference between Germany then and America now is that not only do American’s with their natural revolutionary spirit have the right to bear arms, but they are also blessed by the appearance of a pure devotee of the Lord on their land. His powerful spiritual message has also purified their hearts to various degrees, so when the second Hitler like figure comes amongst them, to lead them, then their power will be unstoppable.


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Our movement is an epidemic. It will devour the whole of Europe and America. As for the newspapers giving bad reports, they simply take some opportunity for selling their newspaper; it has no lasting value. These countries are faced with difficulty but it is nature’s law. They will be without food, water and they will be heavily taxed. There will be revolution. How long can they keep the people terrorized? It will burst. I can’t imagine how people are living in such a rotten state. There is nothing like pleasure; all is morose. Only we are benedicting the fallen souls all over the world, so go on with your enthusiastic preaching and try to do good to others with Krsna Consciousness. Hope this meets you in good health.

[Srila Prabhupada Letter to: Harikesa, Bhubaneswar, 1 February, 1977]




Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

8 Replies to “The Second Coming Of Hitler Will Rise In America!!!

  1. There’s no need for a ‘debate’ we’re on the same page, my brother!

    Our main [American] problem is the brainwashing that “Jesus was a Jew and shed his blood for you.” Even though he attacked the same parasitic crew! It’s like they don’t read the manual, which while corrupted, does have key truths. “He is like their father the D’Evil, but do what he says.”; it’s like they’ve lost their ability to THINK.

    I call it ‘riding on the shirt-tails of Jesus, all you have to do is ‘believe in Jesus’, which is total crap and not fair! Why should they get a free ride? Ironically, this is what Jews say about the same concept and on this they are SPOT on!

    He was our model and those that don’t get this will be purged with the demonic Jews and their shabbot goys, most of which are pedophiles and money whores.

    While formerly I was fearful that a lot of innocent people will be taken down, my position on this has changed, as the huge majority while not evil, are cowards, aka ‘worthless eaters’. Jud 14:14

    There will be a lot more than a “Hitler” rise and not just in America; it’s my sense that God is about to make a major showing. Likely to initiate the “10,000” years of peace of which you spoke.


  2. Prabhupadas words are quite insightful but your title is misleading and racist…in fact Prabhupada calls his movement spiritual communism…

  3. Macunda dasa:
    Did you mean to say ‘was blessed’ in your reference to Prabupad?
    “arms, but they are also blessed by the appearance of a pure devotee of the Lord on their land. ”

    Also, I changed the description of my video about how the German military saved Ukrainians from being like cattle to Siberia; this is powerful testimony about the Occidental peoples of Germany, not necessarily Hitler.

    The reason why I’ve back tracked on this is people will be sucked into shill movements/groups like Renegade Broadcasting who now has TWO bodies to show for their efforts; Alt right, another Jewish SHILL org has at one ‘suicide’.

    They suiciding the ‘intelligentsia’ via ‘friends’ that have weaseled their way into their lives, with health-care and other ‘bad luck’ like car accidents. (See Patton story; a man who also knew we fought the ‘wrong enemy’, but was shut down from attacking the ‘communists’ and then killed.

    People need to stop joining movements and start leading their own SMALL group with family and close friends.

    Please mirror this data; no credit is necessary, but men and women, need to take great care with the opposite sex or they’ll end up DEAD; esp. the data on rock stars with Jewess senor eaters.

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