WW3 Between America & Russia – Will The Imperial Germans Tip The Scale?

One thing is quite certain —within a quarter of a century the Americans will either have become violently anti-semitic or they will be devoured by Jewry. If we should lose this war, it will mean that we have been defeated by the Jews. Their victory will then be complete. But let me hasten to add that it will only be very temporary. It will certainly not be Europe which takes up the struggle again against them, but it certainly will be the United States.

The Testament of Adolf Hitler.


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On February 24th, 1945 Hitler made a prophetic speech at the end of which he said these words :– “In this war there will be no victors and no vanquised either, but only the dead  and the survivors. The last battalion however, will be a German one.”  A further definition can be obtained by Hitler’s remark, towards the end of the war, that “… the inevitable and automatic clash between east and west will come sooner or later and we (the Germans) will be and act as the proverbial tip of the scale.”

From UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon? By Ernst Zundel.




Author: Mukunda dasa

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  1. a ksatriya has more authority than a high court judge, [kc the topmost yoga system]

    as we have already discussed, even the aborigines and cannibals can also be engaged in the Vedic civilization, and, indeed, become ksatriya leading members of intercontinental VC themselves,

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