JEW SHILLS HERTZ TRUTH. A MESSAGE TO RENEGADE TRIBUNE – Kyle Hunt, Sinead, Charles Giuliani, Chris Dorsey, Nick Spero

The main characteristic of the Jew is his hatred and criticism of Jesus Christ. If you watch any videos or listen to any podcasts by Renegade Tribune you will find the same disease afflicting the members of this community especially Charles Giuliani.


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Author: Mukunda dasa

I desire to fully surrender my life and soul to Srila Prabhupada. Then I can become instrumental in assisting him with his mission of delivering all the conditioned souls to the shelter of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

14 Replies to “JEW SHILLS HERTZ TRUTH. A MESSAGE TO RENEGADE TRIBUNE – Kyle Hunt, Sinead, Charles Giuliani, Chris Dorsey, Nick Spero

  1. Do you know how/where we can find out the original teachings of Christ? Some say in the banned Gospels. Do you have any idea? What teachings by Christ should we apply? Problem is a lot of his supposed teachings have been used to get us, ethnic Europeans, to be subjugated and to allow ourselves to be killed.

    1. The banned gospels are books of opinions written many years later, however the entirety of the bible wont mislead you if one meditates upon it and refuses all church teaching and all commentary. Trust God in meditation in prayer and allow the spirit of truth to lead you,
      ‘it worked for Gandhi’
      Difficulties in translation… There are tools and dictionaries to translate the original texts independent of religion and human opinion. Trust no one for the truth
      ”buy it and sell it not” Its a life of devotion seeking it, it will cost everything, but you are to give it away at no cost without attachment.

      1. I could not understand the Bible until two things occurred:
        1) Learned Eastern philosophy.
        2) Learned numerology.

        The KJV is totally encoded with their numeric language. Proof?
        Mat 6 Take no thought; he says this 6 times and “if thine eye be single you will be filled with light.”
        6 means death of ego in this context and 22 is the ‘most powerful’, aka light, aka Christ conscience, aka path of a Bodisatva.

        Christ comes from within and this is a fact.

          1. Dorsey too is Jewish blooded and uses the “it’s the guvment” and “the Jews” shtick.

            It’s not ‘The Government’, but ‘serpents’ of Dan feathered into everything, esp. law enforcement their key asset.

            Nor is it “the Jews” as many, like my nephews and nieces, by marriage, are freaking out; one now claims to be a Buddhist. Naturally, I went from Uncle Tim to Auntie Semite. This is a tough time to be a Jew, at all, learning of communism, blood rituals, aka satanism, being Jewish. That in fact ‘antisemitism’ is very well founded and in fact one need only read the Talmud.

            Having been with Jewish women since high school puts me in a great position to out the fact ALL hate groups are lead by Jews; this includes Canadian and American “NAZIS”.
            (NAZI is a Hollywood created pejorative/meme, btw.)

            Most/all cannibals or ‘random violence’ murders are Jews; here’s one close to me:

            Had I not known their ritual number lingo this would have escaped me; it resulted in being stalked by a Jewish masonic witch, which nearly killed me in a fire.

            My fire after reporting this to an internal affairs officer:

            What would happen to that ‘thin blue line’ if cops with an IQ ~80-100 could wrap their heads around the FACT they too are being ritually targeted for murder?
            (You know it’s the good cops they are sacrificing!!)

          2. I found the one that died is the only one that could not be pegged as a Jew!

            It gets curiouser and curiouser; these demonic fracks killed Lenon, Morrison, Hendrix, Peaches Geldof, Robin Williams, and Cobain via Jewish partners!

          3. This group, and the Jewish “ALT Right” groups now have 2 ‘suicides’ and on likely murder in the ER due to sudden ‘health issues’.

            In America, health care, 911 crews and COPS are being used to murder people and I’ve known this for over a decade from a fireman friend who’s also a cop.

            In my case a nurse attempted to inject air bubbles in the hospital; luckily my daughter was there and witnessed it; she was mind fracked shortly thereafter.



  2. I’d like to interview you on the takeover of Prabupad’s group and esp. the murders of the real disciples. I’d like to do a web page on them as I’m certain they too were killed by the cult of DAN who takes over ALL religions from within.

    Again, I’ll need birth names, dates and date of murder; this includes convenient heart attacks, and strokes.

    If you’re game let me know. Do you do Skype?
    Here’s my bitchute with materials of which you’re welcome:

      1. It’s the “Lost Tribe of Dan” who are the “D’Evils”, but again, if God’s model had only Buddhists, it would not work.

        In Western philosophy we’re taught we will have 1,000 years of peace, [Dragon side], and it is coming, but once the planet’s population exceeds a certain threshold, the ‘Serpents’ get the run of the joint and the ‘warrior’ path to God takes over.

        These are the two main sides of God’s dualistic planet and look at our ‘enemy’ with a literal serpent on their face, well many of them, anyway.

        Here’s hard proof they use ‘fiction’ to embed occult knowledge; they use symbols, timemarkers, and durations for same via their numeric lingo.

        Here’s some symbolic proof of the sin-agogue of say-ten; their number is 19/10 or 1 reduced. When the ‘serpents’ took over they ‘confounded the languages’ with interlingual fun-etics.

        Some of this takes time to digest, but without it one cannot have those proverbial eyes.
        (It uses integers and ‘masters’ so the vocabulary is actually quite short.)
        Here’s a key that could be much better, but I’m heavily targeted and for a long time:

        Here’s a “November Ides” release that caused major flak:

        They’re the elo-HIM, have a MEN-orah of the Dried-EL; serpent is a synonym of phallus, 1, sword, dagger, and “A”, as A=1; thus we have our Oakland A’s. This was blogged here on our local “Serpents Mound” Left Coast:

        Ask questions on the pertinent blog so it can be comprehensible to a wider audience.
        (I know too much and forget what pieces are in my mind, or holes in the presentation. that cinch the overall picture.)

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